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Increase Your Online Influence, Income & Kingdom Impact
Mia René Davies is a business success coach and the host of the podcast God Centered Success. She teaches faith based entrepreneurs how to get their message out to the world and get results online while keeping God first in business and life.

"Mia helped me launch my podcast and create my signature program. Following her system I was able to fill my signature program and generate over $23,000."

Starr Burroughs - Author & Christian Love Coach For Singles, CA
"In my first 90 days working with Mia and using her system, I have launched my podcast, developed a social media following, and started my first coaching program. I already have my first 2 paying clients in less than 90 days! The training that Mia provides and the insight she has from years of successful experience will help you quickly and easily launch your business!"
Nichole Irick - Founder of The Executive Educator, Boutique School Start-Up Specialist
"Thanks to Mia’s coaching I was able to I exceed my 90 day network marketing goal in half the time and rank advance in my company! I also got over my fear of live video which is helping me reach more people online. Accountability, coaching and being with other faith filled women entrepreneurs is so powerful!"
Casie Petersen - Professional Network Marketer
"When I started working with Mia I doubled my personal and team sponsoring goals all while launching my book and signing up new health coaching clients. My productivity has gone way up. She has the resources and tools to get you where you want to go!"
Carrie Spratley - Network Marketer, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Author
"I made over $30,000 in my first four months of working with Mia with a new business idea that she helped me come up with. Instead of just running my boutique, I started helping other women start their own boutiques and it took off!"

Carina H. - Boutique Owner and Founder of a Boutique Training Company

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